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A bit of a puzzle

Arthur Nelson does a Martin Luther King

Something rather disturbing happened to me this morning. Overnight, like many of my vintage, I had arisen in the wee hours, drunk enough coffee to re-float the Graf Spee, and dotted around on the internet for a bit and then – most unusually – returned to bed about 4.30am. [My normal practice is not to return to bed at all, but instead have a ‘catch up’ late morning or early afternoon nap].

It was what happened next that prompted my disquiet. I had a dream – an extremely rare event. It’s either that, or I rarely remember my dreams when I have them, put it that way.

This one was most vivid. For some reason, I was over at a studio complex and waiting to meet with my second wife. By which I mean, there was a reason why I was waiting to see her, not that – at the time (i.e. in my dream), or indeed now – I can recall what it was.

When she rolled up, she was stark-bollock naked. I remember that bit well enough. Everyone else, including me, was fully-clothed but that didn’t seemed to bother her in the slightest. She just carried on as if she was also fully-clothed, but she wasn’t. At first I was a bit ‘thrown’ by this, worried that perhaps she was sleep-walking and that people were going to make fun of her but, firstly, she was totally unconcerned and, secondly, so was everyone else. Eventually, I was too.

Anyway. We wandered around the shops in the vicinity – we were in a chocolate-box-like, possibly foreign, village with narrow, winding and sometimes steep, streets in which everyone spoke English. At one point we stopped in a coffee shop and had a chat. I cannot remember what we said or even what the topic of the conversation was. Afterwards we made some more progress through these streets and she had to go back to the studio complex to do something – simultaneously, I also had to do (collect) something as well, so off I went. Our intention was to meet up later, but I seemed to be spending a considerable amount of time on my quest.

Then I woke up, at 6.58am in real time.

As a matter of fact, I divorced my wife seventeen years ago, relatively amicably, and we have kept in touch from time to time although she had since long remarried and had a child. Whilst the dream was going on it seemed extremely ‘real’. We have not been in touch for nearly a year and have no plans to speak and/or arrange a meeting, nor indeed (as far as I am aware) have either of us any current intention to do either. I am certainly not moved by my dream to do so.

What can it mean?


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