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A horrendous journey

Yesterday, because of the rail strike, I was forced to take the National Express coach from my native Brighton to London.

Being a seasoned traveller and stickler for punctuality – on this occasion a lunch at 1-00pm – I did some preliminary planning.

The 9-05am bus service was – on the ticket – stated to be ‘direct to Victoria’ but in reality stopped at both Gatwick and Heathrow.

Worse, it arrived 30 minutes late, causing us all to wait in confusion at the new bus stop.

Although there was an announcement on the bus warning us against sexual harassment of an apology or explanation was there none.

At 12-30pm the coach arrived at Heathrow and I realised I would be at least 30 minute late for my lunch. We eventually arrived at Victoria coach station at 1-10pm but my problems did not end there.

It’s a simple taxi journey to my destination in Pall Mall, but not when Buckingham Palace is closed to traffic, causing yet another massive traffic jam in Piccadilly.

Adjacent to me was a passenger whose mobile (with a strident timbre) rang incessantly, preventing any attempt by me to doze off.

Worse, she tuned into a Bible message to which I was forced to listen.

Next time – and, as the rail unions have promised, there will be a next time – I will have to do better advanced planning as I’m not repeating this ordeal.

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