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A la Colthard : Fischers

I was talking to Neil Rosen the other day about creativity. I had read his comment that Kubrick is forever experimenting but Scorsese plays safe. The same applies to restaurants. Some restauranteur stay within their name and brand. This is not necessarily to criticise.  28/50 is always reliable in their three restaurants.

Chris Corbin and Jeremy Kng are for ever experimenting. They established their credentials with La Caprice, Ivy and Wloseley majoring on tip top service, buzzy atmosphere, the place to be and reliable cuisine. I liked St Aubin but it closed down  Cafe Delainay and now Fischers in Marylebone  High St are Austrian konditorei.

I went to Fischers yesterday. I took a dishy ex who does a lot of business in Vienna to test its authenticity. The interior with its brown oaky seats and the ambience of old Vienna caught by a large clock, photographs, authentic menu and name.

I had Bismarck herring which was a bit mean on portion control but tangy enough, served with paprika and sour cream. This I followed with wiener schnitzel Holstein with fried egg and anchovy. This was a bit gooey but that is the dish not the preparation and the veal was tender in a light not greasy batter. My friend had frankfurters of which he approved.

As with the Wolseley, it will be open all day and in area of restaurants will quickly establish itself. Even sily old Daffers has heard of Freud whilst Neil was citing Ernst Lubitsch,  Billy Wilder and Fred Zinnemann as celebrated Viennese cineastes  so the Corbin and King duet has imported some of the flavour of Vienna with all its talent into a fashionable thoroughfare in central London. Well done you.



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