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A la Colthard/ La Petite Maison

I went to the La Petite Maison on Brooks Mews just behind Claridges with some trepidation after the three superb meals I enjoyed in the restaurant that bears its name in Nice. It does not appear under the same ownership but reference is made to it in the menu and the cuisine is certainly Nicois. Fortunately my dining companion knew the menu well and I left the ordering to him. Let me say straightaway two things: it’s scrumptious and very, very expensive.

My friend, who runs a successful global advertising agency that seemingly does not prevent him from watching every Arsenal game, ordered sharing platters. All were to die for in terms of rich flavours. Mozzarella can be a bland cheese and a tomato is a tomato. Not so here. The mozzarella melted in the mouth, deliciously moist and the tomatoes were as tasty as plums. For mains we both  went for the veal chop, as succulent a piece of meat as I’ve ever tasted. To complete this feast we shared a pistachio cake with honey ice cream. This was washed down by two bottles of rose (well it was a summery day!!!). The bill came to over 150 pounds per person. Not cheap but for food of this order I could not complain.

The service was excellent from greeting and moving us to a more private table to the waiters who helpfully told us how long the dishes would take. I did not miss the little tartar who owns and runs the Nice one though I did Frank our waiter there whose goodbye kiss had me in a swoon sharing a potters from my Thiery Mugler Angel anointed cheeks tony Louberin shoes!!!!

The restaurant was full and it was more new overseas Mayfair money than corporates. It had the same air as Nice of something might happen. I can’t wait to return!!!

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