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A La Colthard – Mr A Wong

Daphne Colthard visits a Chinese restaurant with a difference

A friend of mine, a Portuguese patissier of international renown , whose custardos are to die for accompanied and recommended me to this restaurant as a Chinese that redefined and pushed back the frontiers.

It’s in Wilton Road next to Gran Paradiso as beloved by Tory politicians as Gay Hussar is by the adherents of this ” great movement of ours” . Its another story but in my time many a tory pinstripe leg has rubbed against my silk stocking over a tiramisu.

My initial impression of A Wong was unfavourable, the decor was stark and the wooden chairs uncomfortable. In the space of one minute I was asked twice if I wanted a drink when it its my invariable practice to have nothing till the other party arrives. My estimation and mood soon changed.

Eusebio as it where took the wheel ordered a selection of snack starters and dim sum, I was not too sure about the 100 year egg in tofu which must have been hatched around the Boxer rebellion but it was quite delicious as was the rib in sesame. The dim sum were an equally delectable concoction of flavours especially the quail egg croquette These were the sort of dishes priced at £1.30 for which some of Ollie ‘s banking chums paid a bonus to dine out ( and that’s all they did!!!) with their Russian fancy women In Nobu . Without alcohol we paid £ 40 for two.

The chef owner has studied at the 2 starred Cheng in Hong Kong but also Mrs Xu’s Chengdu St. tofu stand marrying gourmet and street food to great success. There were no traditional favourites of duck pancakes, crispy beef , special fried rice. the meal was not heavy and left the tiniest space in the Daffers tummy for a pink gift wrapped box of mini eclairs, custardos and exquisite peppermint Iberian Bonbons which Eusebio presented me.

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