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A la Colthard : Providores

I have been stood up for various reasons over the years but this week broke new grounds. I invited a heavy hitter, Julian, in the property world for breakfast at the Wolseley. He called if off as his army son was landing a helicopter on his front lawn. “Oh come on, Jules, you can tell Auntie Daffers that you fancied some early morning  rumpy, pumpy!!!” Tanks  on the lawns , yes, choppers in the kitchen utensil drawer and the boudoir, say I!!!

I thought about going on my own but the risk of being seen alone in the exclusive inner horse shoe is too awful to contemplate. For how long can you text or gaze at your ipad pretending to be busy?

So,I went to the Providores in Marylebone High Street,a restaurant owned by New Zealanders that specialise in  Spanish cuisine expensively and serves the best breakfasts in central London.

Breakfast has moved on from the full English with healthier eating where granola, berries, avocado, fruit smoothies are the order of the day. I always have fresh orange juice, a cup of their excellent latte, the scrambled eggs on granary toast and fruit salad with figs and dates. The eggs are served with chives and are rich and creamy and not a block of coagulated eggs.

There is only one problem here and that is its small space. There are tables along the wall, a table in the window and a bar running down the middle. All this makes for a compact space which can probably take 20. There is an upstairs room that is used for lunches and dinners though you can have snacky tapas lunchtime in the ground floor room. The service is friendly, you can read the papers and chillout.  At £24 for what I ate it’s not cheap but it’s highly popular especially for Sunday brunch where they queue to get in. Next time Jules, we are going there.


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