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A la Colthard: Sam on the Beach: Polkerris

Whilst I am sure many of my readers have heard of Rick Stein – certainly if he had his way – few I suspect know Sam on the Beach. Yet if you gave me the option of the eating at either, I would go for Sam’s.

To get there Melanie Gay and I had to walk along the coastal walk from Menabilly. Needless to say, Melanie was pointing out houses and places that featured in Daphne du Maurier novels. To be fair, Rebecca is a fave of mine. After going up hill and down dale we came across Polkerris beach. There was no room indoors at Sam’s but we were happy to eat al fresco overlooking the beach.

We both went for a sea food salad and then the sea food platter. Both were excellent. The salad had cuttlefish fish, octopus, squid and smoked salmon which did not duplicate in the platter. This was a copious plate of hot sardines, prawns, mussels, scallops. I was recommended a trio of three desserts: a chocolate mousee, fruit compote and choux pastry, all delicious if not the best for the Daffers waist line. We had a litre of white wine served in a carafe and two large digestives. After the slick service of Rick Stein, we rather appreciated the informal waiting of young Phoebe in her shorts and Sam T shirt with an ever-present smile and helpful, but not intrusive, manner. The bill came to a not unreasonable £90. I was happy to leave a £20 tip. It was such a fun girlie day and I managed to get Melanie off Daphne du Maurier too. The sea air and feeling of well being was followed by a pleasant siesta before we tackled the lobsters I bought at Rick Sten’s on Sunday.

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