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A new regime

Yesterday I attended at a weight loss and fitness centre. I finally took on board the strictures of numerous medicos that I must lose weight. It was a dreadful regime to which I was subjected of no alcohol at all for 14 days, tuna and salads and a snack comprising a piece of fruit and 5 nuts. After I was shown into a pod, had a cover placed tightly over my chest and walked on the treadmill for 1.8 miles. The final stage was body sculpture of stretching with weights. This torture is repeated three times a week.

At dinner I showed commendable will power: there was some prosecco in the fridge and a rich fruity Mercurey to finish and savour but I stuck to a Badoit as instructed. According to my p/a Polly, who is also a fitness instructor, I will almost certainly feel worse as the toxins take time to leave the body. I miss the toxins very much.

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