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The National Rust is an online magazine that embraces the elements of the digital age it likes and rejects those it dislikes. Its editorial policy and consent do not supplicate before the altar of political ideology, advertisers, polls, the dictates of the proprietor or the whims of the editor. We are not on Facebook as we do not accept their definition of friendship. We do not tweet as we need more than 140 characters to express ourselves properly. Our contributors will not have a Chief Sub Editor distorting their copy. They call it as they see it and how it is. The National Rust is a collation of news and reviews which are provocative, well informed and we hope above all entertaining.



The National Rust is published by First Edition Ltd, a division of the Andretti Global Corporation.

Opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of The National Rust. Correspondence and pieces submitted for publication are welcomed, but The National Rust reserves the right to choose which to publish.

All efforts to respect and acknowledge the use of copyright material will be made, but no guarantee is given in this respect. Copyright in all The National Rust articles is reserved, but articles may be ‘linked’ and/or re-sent provided that an origination credit is given.


Publisher: Richard Bolton
Chief Executive: Justin Holding
Administrative Manager: Christine Packer
Accounts Manager: Sy Pocklington


Editor-In-Chief: Miles Piper
Assistant To The Editor-In-Chief: Maddy Svensson
World Affairs Editor: Lavinia Thompson
Sports Editor: Tom Hollingworth
Life Editor: Darren Buckley
Arts Editor: Francesca Shawn


Politics: Simon Campion-Brown
Men: Martin Roberts
Women: Jane Shillingford
Relationships: Oliver Fortune
Health: Wendy Lewis
Food: Daphne Colthard
Hotels: Bryn Thomas
Travel: Nancy Bright-Thompson
Consumer Affairs: Gerald Ingolby
Books: Melanie Gay
Film: Neil Rosen
Theatre: Tim Holford-Smith
Music: Michael Stuart
Art: Alice Mansfield
Poetry: Arthur Nelson


Features: Charles Thursby

Cricket: Douglas Heath

Football: Rex Mitchell

Fulham FC: Alan Tanner

AC Fiorentina: Stefano Ursolini

Golf: John Pargiter

Rugby Union: Sandra McDonnell

Harlequins FC: Derek Williams

Boxing: James Westacott

Chess: Jakub Celakovsky

Cycling: Guy Danaway

Tennis: Abbie Boraston-Green


William Byford
Elaine Smith
Natalie Sampson
Robert Tickler
J.S. Bird
Henry Elkins