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Another hop completed

Gerald Ingolby reaches Oz

After another Singapore Airlines flight, this of six or seven hours’ duration – I cannot remember which because, with the three (or is it four?) hours difference between Singapore and Victoria, it’s very easy to get in a muddle – we arrived at Melbourne and made out way to our centrally-located hotel … and so straight to bed.

Having decided to emigrate to Singapore, I have further considered the matter and also decided to marry a Singapore Airlines flight attendant. It’s doesn’t matter which one because they are all perfect.

Our passage was notable for the exemplary ‘assisted (wheelchair) passage’ which gives you priority access to every stage of the process from boarding an aircraft to leaving the destination’s terminal; the stringent forms to be filled out upon arrival in Australia, now covering all aspects of potential contact with Ebola as well as the usual stuff about importing non-native soils and animals; and the dingbat in the seat adjacent to me.

This character – a mild-looking middle-aged gentleman – came straight from Central Casting’s ‘annoying clerk’ sub-heading. Within a minute or two of taking his seat, he called over a steward to announce that he’d just discovered he’d left a stack of items, including his passport, behind on his previous (transfer) flight … so the two of them spent ten minutes sorting out how this crisis might be resolved. The steward then set off to begin the quest … only for the passenger to discover some five or six minutes later  that he hadn’t lost these vital papers at all, instead he’d inadvertently dropped them down the back of his seat!

The skylines of all great cities look pretty much similar late at night – I shall reserve my first impressions Australia in 2014 until we rise for breakfast tomorrow morning and see things in daylight.


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