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Some great thinkers and commentators have the capacity to get to the core of humanity’s eternal truths. I guess it’s arguable as to whether, when Samuel Johnson pronounced that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel some 240 years ago, he fingered one of them.

Nevertheless, you won’t find me apologising for belonging to the Brexit camp on the EU Referendum, nor for believing that – despite all efforts by our exasperated politicians and Establishment masters (and mistresses) – ultimately gut feeling may well be as big an influence as logic, facts and figures when it comes to choosing which way to vote on 23rd June.

In which regard I was glad to see evidence overnight that my main reason for lining up behind the Brexit camp (i.e. the chance to rid the UK of Scotland) has now been spotted, and is beginning to gain traction in the media.

Here’s an opinion piece by Matthew Norman that appears today on the website of – THE INDEPENDENT

It almost goes without saying that he’s coming at the issue from the opposite direction to me, but that scarcely matters. What’s important is that we get ‘the Scottish problem’ on the agenda.

Vote ‘Leave’ – you know it makes sense …



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