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August: an apocalyptic month

There is a tendency to regard August as the least active of all months, the ” silly season” ,  but history shows otherwise. The dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan, the Kuwait war and the death of Princess Diana all took place in August and war was declared both in the Great War and World War Two a few days before and after August.

The month is no different. We have had the disaster at Shoreham, a gun-toting killer on a high speed train in France and in a tv interview in Moneta in the States and a meltdown in the financial markets. I prefer my history based on fact but it’s interesting too that the weather has been most disturbed and unseasonal. Speaking to many on the Rust and beyond I hear sad stories of deaths and problems. There seems a shortage of good news.

To pursue my theme of the meteorological forces reflecting events below the skies there is general  feeling of unease that the nights are drawing in, the weather is rainy and cold and we have had our summer. I’m not suggesting that this is a more important factor  than the turbulence of the Chinese economy  for explaining the 26% drop in the market but the condition SADS is accepted  as a cause for depression at a time of seasonal change. I have a friend who suffers from it  but even if you are not a victim the remark “this weather is getting me down” is a much heard comment. Personally I will always be pleased to see the back of August.

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