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Looking forward to his retirement in 2015, Arthur has written poetry since childhood and regularly takes part in poetry workshops and ‘open mike’ evenings. More Posts

Going back to the theatre

I cannot claim, even in my BC (“Before Covid”) years, ever to have been a regular theatre-goer. From birth, by instinct and inclination I was never one for seeking the spotlight – and here I’d hesitate to go near the words “show off” in this context because they carry with them a whiff [...]

July 22, 2021 // 0 Comments

Whatever you do is probably wrong …

Yesterday for me was something of a novelty as I had nothing in my engagement diary. I spent it tidying up my flat, putting on a load of washing, doing a food shop at a local supermarket and then – in the afternoon – taking some exercise (but not quite as much as I had intended). My relatively [...]

June 16, 2021 // 0 Comments

Getting a grip upon a serious problem

From time to time Rust contributors blast away on this organ against the vast and ever-growing army of cyclists who in these politically-correct times are given far more support and encouragement than they deserve, not least the “cycle lanes” increasingly bringing traffic in our cities to a [...]

May 23, 2021 // 0 Comments

Sport comes back to earth and carries on

At the twin risks of ignoring the advice “If you cannot say something positive, say nothing” and straying from subjects I know anything about, today I have chosen to post today upon sporting matters. AMERICAN FOOTBALL (SUPER BOWL 55) I’m afraid that – in keeping with its other major [...]

February 9, 2021 // 0 Comments

Festive musing

Increasingly it seems this Covid-19 crisis become ever more bizarre, to the point where the general public is abandoning logic and reason, ignoring what the Government are saying (because, clearly as confused as we are, they’ve begun changing their rules and guidelines virtually on a daily [...]

December 21, 2020 // 0 Comments

Between Lockdowns and New Year

A slightly bizarre start for me yesterday as I had got my Covid-19 information and dates mixed up. I thought Lockdown 2 was finishing at midnight on 2nd December (or possibly a few second past it?) and therefore that the first day of post-Lockdown … or is it “Tier-Time”(?) … was to be [...]

December 3, 2020 // 0 Comments

Keeping a perspective

As most Rusters will be only too well aware, we oldies often have to make difficult decisions in order to negotiate a careful balancing act between – on the one hand – expressing our bewilderment that the young seem to delight in disregarding or overturning all we know and can teach them about [...]

November 27, 2020 // 0 Comments

Cruising takes a bruising

As our doughty UK businesses emerge from lockdown in order to take the country back into the bright sunny uplands of a post-Brexit, post-coronavirus world in which we start paying for the famously mega-big “unprecedented’ level of Treasury support that the Tory Government has thrown at [...]

July 10, 2020 // 0 Comments

There’s nowt so queer as folk

Over the course of the UK’s lockdown from which we are now gradually emerging – I’ve no doubt in common with many Rusters and indeed other people of intelligence and a degree of artistic or creative sensibility – I experienced a wide range of different reactions and moods, some of [...]

July 4, 2020 // 0 Comments

Two jolts whilst I was busy doing nothing

Time catches up with us all, of course, albeit that most of the time – despite our jokes at the dinner table about bits falling off, hair (either receding in anticipated parts of the body and/or growing in others you didn’t know you had), expanding waistlines and going somewhere in [...]

June 7, 2020 // 0 Comments

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