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Ten years ago I made the momentous decision to leave London for the south coast. A good friend at the time advised me that if it did not work out – as clearly he thought it would happen then – I would be back within 2 years and have to deal with increased property prices. In fact, [...]

June 21, 2024 // 0 Comments

The Sunday Times Rich List

I always read The Sunday Times Rich List, which arrived with the paper last weekend, but with increasing cynicism. Firstly, how do they evaluate wealth and, secondly, debt? The Irish entrepreneur Tony O’Reilly passed recently. He was the businessman that built up the Kerrygold butter brand, had a [...]

May 23, 2024 // 0 Comments

Titanic lives/Richard Davenport-Hines

The Titanic sank 112 years and 1 month ago but it’s still an iconic event and I have often wondered why. It must be the sheer tragedy of the greatest liner of its age sinking on its maiden voyage and/or the film which launched the career of Kate Winslet and/or the horror of rich and poor [...]

May 11, 2024 // 0 Comments

Bye bye Volvo, Hallo 7 Bus …

Some five years ago I made the momentous decision to give up driving. The precise moment came when I happened to take the lower Roedean road between Rottingdean and Brighton. I saw a group of kids by the roadside. Fortunately I am not a fast driver as one of the group dashed across the road in [...]

April 12, 2024 // 0 Comments

St. Paul’s Old Boys and Oskar Schindler

In the week I watched on PBS Oskar Schindler/The Real Story and noticed that its writer, director and producer was Jon Blair. The self same Blair was at my school, St. Paul’s, and fled his native South Africa to avoid conscription. Like another South African of that era – Peter Hain – [...]

April 6, 2024 // 0 Comments

The death knell of the Gentleman’s club?

Does the decision of Simon Case (Cabinet Secretary) and Sir Richard Moore (Head of SIS) to resign from the Garrick Club herald the end of the Gentleman’s club? The title ‘Gentleman’s Club’ itself is anachronistic but I think that talk of their ending is premature. They still [...]

March 21, 2024 // 0 Comments

Gentlemen’s clubs – do they have a feature ?

The traditional St James Club has many advantages but many are perceived as anti-women and offer little to the younger generation. Their historic buildings are breath-takingly attractive. My club the Reform has admitted women since 1982. Clubs like the Reform also offer accommodation which is [...]

March 1, 2024 // 0 Comments

Technology is great … when it works

A common theme of us elderly Rusters is frustration with the digital age. It all seems so unfair that we are thrust into a world of apps and mobiles which are unreliable. I was making a call to make a minicab booking yesterday when for no reason my phone cut out. It turned out I had exceeded my [...]

February 24, 2024 // 0 Comments

The Reform Club

I have just returned from three days at the Reform Club. I have gone though various stages. My first was the decision to join made last year after a convivial lunch with a friend member. The accommodation is far cheaper than a West End hotel, the location in Pall Mall convenient and the Sir Charles [...]

January 18, 2024 // 0 Comments

Critique of Channel 4

My post today would get me into serious trouble at many work places and on many organs less liberal than the Rust.   Channel 4’s board has criticised itself for its own lack of female representation. This has set me thinking about the achievements of women in high political office or [...]

January 13, 2024 // 0 Comments

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