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Borgen still reaches the heights of drama

Bernadette Angell hails the Danish drama

The new series of Borgen continues to reach and maintain a high level of drama. One of its qualities is the way it treats an issue both in discussion in the round and on the macro level of the characters. This was brilliantly achieved in episode 5 last night when the subject of prostituion w was engaged. Birgitte Nyborg ( Sidse Babette Knudsen) has now formed her own party the New Democrats .

On one side of the debate there was a vocal femisist who argued that  in Sweden and Norway the user not the provider is a criminal. On the other was a sex worker who was equally forthright that the government was collecting tax from prostitutes but denying them rights. She went on to argue that not all working girls were victim of trafficking, some actually chose to and indeed enjoyed it. It then transpired that figures put out were doctored to support the banning cause.

On the personal level Birgitte was shocked that her boyfriend admitted to using sex workers but confessed that a busy female friend in the EU did use a male sex worker. The debate was played out in the media and in the privacy of home. The other central character Katrina whose views were changed by the articulacy of the sex worker was equally shocked to learn that her philandering ex went off sex with her unlikely as it may seem for such a hot looker once they had a family. So when her current lover dropped round he was greeted by her in sexy lingerie.

I have heard prostitution debated on the Moral Maze when some fluent worthy Catholic priest gets on his soapbox of moral condemnation and the subject was certainly not engaged in such depth as in Borgen. As an added spice there was continual analysis as to how the issue was improving the ratings and standings of the new party.

Birgitte has an English boyfriend Jeremy. Scenes with him are acted in English and actress Sidse Babette  Knudsen achieves a clear almost accent free command of the language . One can see a burgeoning film career for this most talented middle aged actress though she might shorten her name.


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