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Brave new audio world

Yesterday I had a Sonos audio system installed. I am very much a Luddite but I started with a simple brief: a system that worked in every room. I have a friend who has moved to Poole who has such a system so I followed his advice. Box after box arrived in advance of the installation on Thursday and yesterday. The one thing that did not arrive was the telly and when it did yesterday it was damaged in transit. I may be a Luddite, but surely you get all the kit in first and the the engineer later. Thus it was the installation could not be completed on time. Also the bane of the single man’s life – I am confined to quarters today for the delivery of the telly as technology has not so advanced that you can be advised with precision the delivery time and plan your day accordingly.

I grew up with the unit and speaker system. It had leads but at the top end of Bang and Olufsen style and sound. A business associate I trust had put me onto Sonos, who offer the integrated system I wanted. However my principal wish is clear sound as I chiefly listen to classical music. I must say the sound is crystal clear and the amount of wires kept to the minimum. I have had to adapt new names and applications. There is thing called a “woofer” which sounds more like a former term for a homosexual or soft doggie toy. It’s important where the woofer is placed. It all operates from the mobile and tablet. Thus after downloading the app, you can through  it decide which rooms the system, will play and what the choice will be.

I was amazed by the number of radio stations there are. Surfing, I pick up the lingo quickly, through them I found one such station that plays only Beatles music.

The only thing is nobody explained to me how to turn it off.


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