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Brighton 0 Sheffield Wednesday 0

Atrocious weather does not always make for a dreadful game of football but it did here. In 94 minutes the Seagulls did not muster one direct effort on goal and the visitors only the odd speculative shot. Nor was there one piece of individual skill. I felt sorry for my neighbour Jack who produces a lengthy report for a website as there was nothing to say.

It was surprising that Brighton’s best player all season Berem Kayal was on the bench. Perhaps he was carrying an injury but we missed his influential presence. Steve Sidwell played alongside Dale Stephens but the latter looks better with Kayal. It was like the grim days under Hyppia as barren as a Russian steppe. With Middlebrough dropping 3 points and Burnley in a ding-dong battle with Fulham ,which according to Alan Tanner did prove you can have an exciting game in awful weather, the occasion was ripe for the Seagulls to make up ground. ¬†Some fans round me blamed Sheffield Wednesday but they had 2 forwards up front and could have done with 3 points too to anchor a play off position.

Speaking to Alan afterwards, I could not understand why Rohan Ince has only played 30 minutes for Fulham. His aerial presence would make a real difference to a team that seems to concede goals too easily from corners. There was much cheering for Fulham after going 2-1 up against Burnley and sadness when they conceded two more to lose.

Of cousre the big sporting news in Brighton is the fourth successive win of Bob Tickler’s dog. There is statue outside the stadium to Ballyregan Bob who won 32 successive races. Like Bob’s he was a brindle and according to Bob his successor. Another well known Sussex sporting figure and stayer cricketer Ken Suttle who played 423 successive games was lauded in this excellent article: –¬†KEN SUTTLE



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