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Brighton sport update

Last week we received a memory stick from the Albion with the information on renewal of the 1901 Club. My granddaughter Chloe had to explain to me how to use it. I had spent much of last season trying to convince my neighbour that we would better off in more standard seats. The Seagulls were having a poor season, the football was dull, and the facilities and esprit de corps did not compare with the Players Club in Sussex CCC. However much has changed. Brighton are now atop the Championship and if we achieve promotion a best seat in the stadium suddenly looks great value.

Over at the County Ground at Hove, there have been two positive developments. Mark Robinson has been confirmed as coach. There was some lobbying for Chris Adams captain of the 2003 Championship. Grisly, as he is known, makes no secret he would like the job but his CV is affected by his stint at Surrey. Robbo has achieved 2 championships and a promotion in his 10 year tenure, is popular in the dressing room and with the Board. Surrey regrouped successfully in the second division. Further, all 4 sides in the finals of the 20/20 and Royal London finals were from the lower tier. This leads me to the second possible development, the acquisition of ┬áDanny Briggs, a young slow left armer from Hampshire who is one of England’s white ball hopes. This means that Sussex could have a more successful white ball season.

What joy if by next September Brighton celebrates a cricket and soccer side in the top flight.



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