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Berlin/PBS documentary

My TV channel of choice for evening viewing is PBS America for its outstanding documentaries. This was the second part of a documentary on Berlin the city. In World War Two the Red Army was the first to Berlin and subjected what citizens were left – mainly children and women – to [...]

June 4, 2024 // 0 Comments

Titanic lives/Richard Davenport-Hines

The Titanic sank 112 years and 1 month ago but it’s still an iconic event and I have often wondered why. It must be the sheer tragedy of the greatest liner of its age sinking on its maiden voyage and/or the film which launched the career of Kate Winslet and/or the horror of rich and poor [...]

May 11, 2024 // 0 Comments

Fiorentina reach Conference final

On Wednesday evening “il mio babbo” (my dad) and I settled down to watch Club Brugge play la Viola in the second leg Conference semi-final. We had a 3-2 lead but Club Brugge, who numbered Fulham’s ex Dennis Odoi and a talented striker in Thiago, would be a tough match. Indeed they [...]

May 10, 2024 // 0 Comments

Replacing the old with the new?

It’s a feature of our times that wiseacres presumptuously believe they can, should – and are entitled to – replace a core support by seeking a new one. Two examples of this are the BBC and county cricket. The BBC recently reshuffled their scheduling. The thinking behind this was [...]

May 9, 2024 // 0 Comments

Close … but no cigar

The early May Bank Holiday ends today following a weekend boasting the Semi-Finals of European club rugby’s premier competition the Investec Cup and – after two thrilling and entertaining games – for both of the English Premiership’s leading attacking outfits taking part [...]

May 6, 2024 // 0 Comments

Operation Petticoat/Guns of Navarone

No Bank Holiday is complete without a classic war film and on Friday I watched two. I was new to Operation Petticoat (1959) directed by Blake Edwards. Edwards is best known for the Pink Panther movies but, aside from comedy, he also directed the hard-headed film on alcoholism Days of Wine and Roses [...]

May 5, 2024 // 0 Comments

Fiorentina file: Fiorentina 3 Club Brugge 2

Art business took me to West Sussex. An art collector in Petworth may be interested in selling a Giorgio di Chirico. Collectors always say they are not interested in selling but, if the price is right … The tactic is not to disclose the net price. An auction house deducts a premium, VAT and [...]

May 4, 2024 // 0 Comments

A Saturday afternoon watching rugby

Over several years now this organ has covered the Northern Hemisphere version of the sport of rugby union in some depth, covering everything from specific matches and trends in the financial fortunes and playing tactics of elite professional clubs to its ongoing inherent dangers and medical issues. [...]

April 28, 2024 // 0 Comments

St. Paul’s Old Boys and Oskar Schindler

In the week I watched on PBS Oskar Schindler/The Real Story and noticed that its writer, director and producer was Jon Blair. The self same Blair was at my school, St. Paul’s, and fled his native South Africa to avoid conscription. Like another South African of that era – Peter Hain – [...]

April 6, 2024 // 0 Comments

A superb day of TV sport

I can scarcely remember a more exciting day of TV sport. It started with a lunchtime thriller of a quarter-final FA Cup tie contested between Wolves and Coventry which the latter won with 2 goals in extra time. Next up was Italy’s 24-21 victory over Wales in Cardiff. Italy are my team of the Six [...]

March 17, 2024 // 0 Comments

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