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Watching the world from the top of a hill

Despite the global dominance and enormous commercial success of the Rust – and to the surprise of some, the breadth of its demographic appeal – it remains the case that a core viewpoint amongst its regular contributors tends to be that of those beyond the first flush of youth. As the festive [...]

January 2, 2023 // 0 Comments

Elite female sport 2022: a year of big advances but also some complications

Over time it has become a bit of a cliché, but “back in the day” – when comic Frankie Howard (1917-1992) was a British household name milking his “conspiratorial” relationship with his stand-up audiences and/or television viewers – he often compounded the effect by chiding them for [...]

December 23, 2022 // 0 Comments

The memorial service for Ken Howard

Last Tuesday I attended the memorial service for Ken Howard which took place at St James Church Piccadilly and afterwards at the Royal  Academy. The church memorial takes an hour into which time you have to fit in prayers and the life of the person, in the case of Ken a full and long one. An [...]

December 8, 2022 // 0 Comments

In Our Time/Wilfred Owen

One of my favourite wireless programmes is In Our Time presented by Melvyn Bragg at 9-00 on Radio 4 every Thursday. The topic varies weekly and Bragg assembles a team of academics well-qualified to discuss it. Yesterday’s programme featured the World War poet Wilfred Owen. My connection with [...]

October 30, 2022 // 0 Comments

The funeral of Ken Howard

Yesterday I travelled up to London for the funeral of the painter Ken Howard. The service was at St Mary’s Church,The Boltons, and the burial in the cemetery between Brompton and Fulham Road. Organised religion occupies the key points in life: birth (the christening service), manhood confirmation [...]

October 4, 2022 // 0 Comments

Robin Marlar

I was sad to hear of the passing of Robin Marlar whom I met just 2 weeks ago at Ted Dexter’s memorial. Most people cannot manage one successful career but Robin succeeded in three: distinguished cricketer for Sussex; Times cricket correspondent; recruitment consultant. In all three he was a [...]

October 3, 2022 // 0 Comments

Tribute to Ted Dexter

Yesterday I attended a MCC tribute in the Long Room at Lords to Ted Dexter. I felt honoured to be invited as – although I had got to know Ted well these past few years and his charming wife Sue too  in Nice-  I had not expected to be invited to such a gathering of cricketing luminaries. I [...]

September 17, 2022 // 0 Comments

Ken Howard (1932-2022)

I was more than saddened to hear my old friend Ken Howard has passed away. A brilliant painter of light with an ebullient personality, Ken was the son of a Kilburn carpenter. He got his breakthrough as an artist covering ‘The Troubles’, commissioned by the Imperial War Museum, though not [...]

September 13, 2022 // 0 Comments

In a Lonely Place

Normally I watch a film from my extensive library, rent it via Amazon, or watch one on Netflix more designed for the young viewer. Occasionally I am drawn by a film on television on one of the movie channels and this occasion was last week’s In a Lonely Place. I was influenced by a strong cast of [...]

September 7, 2022 // 0 Comments

Transgender issues and common sense

I’m all for freedom of choice  – within reason, of course, not least provided that this doesn’t involve harm to others and taking into account the primacy of the principle that the pursuit of the greatest good for the greatest number is generally a “good thing” by [...]

September 7, 2022 // 0 Comments

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