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The face of things to come

Call me an old-fashioned, out of touch, curmudgeon if you will – as a Ruster, I guess it comes with the territory – but sometimes the antics of politicians the world over drive me to distraction. Three articles featuring on the website of the Daily Mail overnight struck me as highlighting [...]

October 20, 2021 // 0 Comments

Impressions of London

I was in London for social and professional reasons these past few days. It’s very different to the London I witnessed earlier in the year in lockdown when you could look down the length of Oxford Street and not see a soul. It’s the old vibrant London again, teeming with people with every [...]

October 8, 2021 // 0 Comments

And yes, you couldn’t make it up!

Yesterday I had occasion to travel from Chichester to the outskirts of London in order, inter alia, to attend my local GP surgery to have my annual ‘flu jab. As it happened, the ‘flu jab was the only “fixed” appointment (at 1400 hours) in my schedule – everything else was domestic or [...]

October 6, 2021 // 0 Comments

Normal service is resumed?

I was so looking forward to the resumption of my art class at the learning centre but the first reaction to me upon arrival was from one attendee brusquely saying I should not sit next to her as I was not wearing a mask. I banged my bag down at another space and glowered at her. This is the [...]

September 22, 2021 // 0 Comments

A day spent travelling by train

Last Sunday, of all things, it fell to me as the possessor of a senior Railcard to travel by train from Richmond in Surrey to Bicester – ordinarily a 90 minute drive up the M40 beyond Oxford if one is allowed to make it – which I am currently not, the court authorities having recently [...]

September 16, 2021 // 0 Comments

Yet more plans adrift

For the second day of my friends’ visit I had decided to take them to Devil’s Dyke, a local beauty spot which John Constable painted and described as the grandest view on earth. It has commanding views over Sussex and beyond. Sadly there was a sea fret which created a pea souper that meant one [...]

September 10, 2021 // 0 Comments

All human life is there … on West Wittering Beach

Last Bank Holiday Monday I travelled to my beach hut with my handyman. This was with some trepidation as I thought the beach would be rammed. In fact, because the weather that day was cloudy and not that warm and that most visitors arrive from midday onwards, it was largely deserted. A Chinese [...]

September 1, 2021 // 0 Comments

Not much difference so far

Eight days ago, in reporting to readers of this organ that I was about to begin a driving ban for having amassed a cumulative 12 points for minor speeding offences upon the roads of Britain, I concluded my piece by stating that I proposed to offer occasional reflections upon the ban as I endured [...]

August 24, 2021 // 0 Comments

The Tanner Report: Fulham 2 Hull 0

This performance was more Jose Mourinho than Jean Tigana but not early Scott Parker. Having achieved a two goal lead through goals from the rejuvenated Mitrovic and the impressive Fabio Carvalho we closed the game out. We should have scored another but I can only recall one Hull shot on goal all [...]

August 22, 2021 // 0 Comments

A day at Arundel

I have really missed watching Sussex CCC at Arundel in 2020 and 2021. Yesterday I was invited there to watch an ex-Sussex CCC XI play a Sussex Cricket League XI. One of the curiosities of Arundel Castle Cricket Club is that it is a cricket venue, not an actual cricketing team. Older readers might [...]

August 21, 2021 // 0 Comments

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