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It’s a strange fact of life that you wait for months for news but it often arrives when you are least prepared for it.

I have been involved for over a year in an Executor’s sale of property which proved something of a saga . It was scheduled to complete yesterday, but my attitude was I will believe it when I see it. Thus it was that after a luncheon of gruyere and Portobello mushroom tart and hot poached salmon, washed down by a couple of glasses of Pouilly Fuisse, I took my siesta – switching off all communication with the outside world. On awaking I received an email from my solicitor that the sale had completed.

Oddly enough, I felt neither elation nor flatness but generally relief that the saga had been concluded and that I can now get on with other pressing matters. I had to endure banter from members of my club who enquired whether I would now treat myself to monogrammed silk pyjamas or a ruby tiepin, but I will restrict my extravagance¬†to ¬†a rose pink villa in Cap D’Antibes and vicuna overcoat with a velvet trim collar to keep me warm in winter.

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