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David Gresham

Yesterday I watched a recording of the film Shadowlands – the true story of C.S.Lewis’s late marriage to a Jewish American divorcee Joy Gresham.

Joy’s son Daniel featured in the film but not her second son David.

David was in fact at Cambridge at the same time as me.

He attached himself limpet-like to my closest friend A.

A favourite trick of David’s was to drop in uninvited and unwelcome on A and then borrow a book from him to ensure another visit.

He was a small bearded fellow and very rich.

I guess C.S. Lewis had left his two step sons the literary rights to his Narnia novels.

After seeing the film I googled David Gresham and here is a link to an article I found – DAVID GRESHAM

I felt sad after the film. It is hardly an antidote to Covid blues as its subject matter is loss.

My friend – like Joy Gresham – died prematurely of terminal cancer almost exactly two years ago.

I so would have liked to have called him and share my discovery of David Gresham who sadly was a schizophrenic and took his own life.

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