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My readers know when it comes to domestic appliances I am an amateur. I am reminded of the Jackie Mason joke “A Jew can put 7 companies together but cannot assemble a vacuum cleaner …”

On Tuesday in my new residence I was without hot water, on Wednesday without electricity. One of my poppets has project-managed the building of two houses locally . She got down on all fours with her tool box to sort out the cylindrical boiler.  ” It’s no good Robert, it’s not firing and I can’t ignite it”. ” Have you tried strapping it on?” I suggested. Eventually we discovered the solution might lie in a mains cupboard to which I did not have a key.

I do feel as impotent as I feel frustrated. I do not understand why, when you pay for a survey, this does not include a report on every appliance as well as the structure of the place.

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