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Don’t run before you walk

Last night I had supper with some family friends. To be precise, I’m friendly with 3 generations of this family from the 95 year old grandmother to my 12 year old Godson. I first met C at university and I was having supper with his elder brother R and wife C. I have known their daughter M all her life and taken an interest in her career. I like to think that I was of some assistance in placing her as a trainee solicitor with our family firm Bodgers whose then senior  partner I know well. She did well but decided the law was not for her. Now with child, she made an enterprising move by setting up London walking tours. Wishing to show some understanding of modern day commerce, I asked if she had a website and Twitter and Facebook presence. To my surprise she said no, she used word of mouth and was fully booked. She concentrated on history, architecture and art and prided herself on her clubbable ambience. I can hardly wait to try one out.

Earlier in the day I had to sort our a confusion over council charges as I was paying the the council charge on the flat I rented out for which my tenant was liable but not the one that was my residence. Various emails did not clarify the position but personal attendance did. The council official could not have been more helpful. There is a tendency amongst young people to wonder how we managed  personal relationships and business prior to the net. In fact you might say we managed better as there is no substitute for personal contact.

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