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Dry January – does it work?

Like two million others I gave up alcohol for January. Well, not strictly so as I enjoyed a drink in South Africa and one on a friend ‘s birthday dinner on the 27th. Here is one personal view:

Did it make me feel better?  No, I still slept badly waking 2/3 times in the night for a pee.

Did I miss alcohol? Indubitably, especially a malt whisky at 6 when I tackle the Telegraph crossword.

Did I lose weight? Not as much as I hoped. I am still at the same level when the good doctor weighed me at my annual medical last October.

So why  did I do it? Two  reasons: to show I can and am not dependent on alcohol. Secondly to lose weight. The sugar in alcohol means you cannot hope to lose weight without abstaining from it. I will therefore  drink in moderation with days off till I do lose weight.

I’m reminded of the Sammy Davis Junior line:

I’m not going to drink any more. Mind you, I’m not going to drink any less either.”

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