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Fair exchange is no robbery

Maddy Svensson sees a way forward

We read in the media that the government’s new minister for civil society [what on earth is that?] Brooks Newmark, in his first major speech, has caused uproar amongst the charity sector by suggesting that charities should ‘keep out of politics and stick to their knitting’.

See here for a report on the speech today on the website of – THE GUARDIAN

Frankly, I’d be only too happy to agree to Mr Newmark’s proposal if, in return, politicians were simultaneously required to stick to politics and stop meddling in the lives of the British electorate. Specifically, I object to our politicians’ compulsion for dictating to us what is acceptable behaviour and thought … and what is not.

If our politicians just left us all alone and instead concentrated upon fiddling their expenses, patronising the hostelries around Westminster and running their personal taxpayer-funded property empires, the world would be a far better place!