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First round of the Championship round-up

Sussex supporters are entitled to feel aggrieved that they only drew with Northamptonshire.

Had the start been at 10-30am – and floodlights been switched on – neither of which happened, they might have beaten Northants who were 173-9 at close of play and only 64 runs needed for victory.

Sometimes I think cricket has only itself to blame for its problems when, with uncertain weather forecast, you cannot have a fuller day and when – with floodlights in the ground – play ends at 6-00 pm because of bad light.

The hero of the hour was Glamorgan’s Sam Northeast who scored 335 runs in the first innings and 24 not out in the second.

He is on target to score 1,000 runs before the end of April let alone May.

Northeast moved from Kent to Hampshire under a cloud and now is at Glamorgan. He might be selfish but he is a colossal run accumulator.

All the matches in the first and second division were drawn.

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