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From Eton Chapel to Hove Dogs

I bet I was the only one present both at Eton Chapel and Hove Dog track. I was there to see my dog run for the first time. He was in an open class race, the highest level. Races are graded from A1 ( the highest) to A10. The dog ran and won a A2 last time out so its was very much a test. It was a test the dog passed. He led from the front and was overtaken on the line. It was exciting and of course I would have loved it if it was his fifth successive win. I cannot say I was disappointed as he hurtled along from the start and gave his all. He is progressive puppy, 18 months old with a terrific turn of pace from the trap. Although he has won before at 515m I said to the trainer he might drop distance to 475m.

The restaurant was less crowded than on a Saturday. The races run from Wednesday to Sunday and I wonder if it is profitable to keep it open on weekdays. I have heard that the sport is suffering and is largely subsidised by the betting industry. The food would not impress Daffers but the bar takings seemed considerable. Having waitress and betting service at table makes the experience pleasant. It’s a life style investment in which if the cost of monthly training is covered by the prize and appearance money I would be delighted particularly if the race is as exciting as this one.

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