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Jane Shillingford calls for a sense of proportion

We females are fully entitled to give men a whole lot of grief in our quest to be treated with respect but, as an old-fashioned feminist, I can sometimes also see the ironic and inconsistent side of our campaigning.

No wonder men are left scratching their heads when – on the one hand – we loudly demand the right not to be treated as sex objects and then, on the other, we spend hours shopping for clothes and discussing with our girlfriends which of them will show us at our best and/or tend to attract the most attention from the opposite sex.

As examples of what I mean, here are links to two articles available today  on the website of The Independent and The Guardian.

The first is Sophie Zadeh’s piece in The Independent, giving a new angle on the current cause celebre that men tend to use the internet and social media to voice their misogyny – WOMEN CAN ABUSE WOMEN TOO

The second is Suzanne Moore’s commentary in The Guardian upon females’ attitudes to the ageing process – ENDLESS NIPS AND TUCKS

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