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Going eyeball to eyeball

On Thursday evening I had a second  cataract operation. The first went so well in terms of tolerating the procedure and result of dramatically improved acuity that I felt relaxed to the point of blasé. This proved unwise as the procedure was more complex and painful. A cover is placed over both eyes, aperture cut into it, a powerful light shines into the eye and keyhole surgery performed. The head must remain still but the natural psychological reaction is to look away. At one stage Professor Liu, the epitome of calmness became quite harsh “moving your head is extremely dangerous”. The following day when I was reviewed the Professor mentioned that my previous ophthalmologist, now President of the Cataract Association, uses a binding procedure which not every patient prefers but this one would. As it’s local anaesthetic the patient has to cooperate which creates a strain.

The operation was successful but the improvements to distant vision is at the expense of close work which is hard till I acquire reading glasses. Eye surgery has advanced considerably.  My grandfather was in hospital for 6 days and after that his head in blocks as there was danger of the new lens coming away.

One final point occurred to me: much was made in the election of protecting and investing in the NHS. One of its greatest resources is that talented consultants and dedicated doctors work within it whilst maintaining a lucrative private practice. I am sure this would offend the socialist ideologues and that the use of the NHS Theatre for private work would be stopped to the consultants of eminence this losing one of the NHS greatest resources.

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