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The US Open may not be remembered for Dustin Johnson’s first major but for some officiously unhelpful refereeing by the US PGA. The incident in question arose over a putt. Johnson took two practice strokes and as he shaped to take the actual stroke the ball moved. He summoned the referee who confirmed that there was no penalty. Later after video analysis the PGA deducted a stroke. Fortunately DJ eventually won by 3 strokes over Scott Piercy and Jim Furyk.

I subscribe to the view that video evidence has become over-intrusive  in sport and detracting and distracting from the entertainment. At the Test at Lords we saw Moeen Ali walk, and return to the crease as England still had one review. He was clearly out. The joy of golf is it’s self regulating. Johnson had played it correctly. He was unsure, consulted a referee and given a verdict. End of story. But it was not and competitors and spectators were left shrouded in uncertainty.

As  for DJ, I went recall an article by Steve Palmer some two years ago when he judged him the heir apparent to Tiger Woods. A natural talent, massive long game, coach Butch Harman tightened up his chipping .   He los  his mojo with rumours of addiction and he looked like joining that list of Matt Kuchar, Hunter Mahan and Jimmy Walker of consistent money winners and high finishers but no major  He came close last year, missing a tiddler on the 18th. Then Shane Lowry quickly lost his third round lead. Cometh the moment cometh the Johnson.

The US Open is a stern examination of golf and the Oakmont course is widely regarded as the most difficult in the world. No golfer really dominated it, a few mastered it like Gregory Bourdy, Andrew Landry and another non major achiever Lee Westwood but never long enough to win. My guru Jeremy Chapman did not recommend him and only had Branden Grace in the top  five but I had a sneaking feeling this would be DJ’s year. I did have that if  only I punted more moment” but not for long. Ok, with my 70-1 win with Chris Wood and 14-1 on DJ, I would have big wins but gamblers never tell you about their losses, do they?


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