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Neil Rosen finds little gravitas in Gravity

I hoped I really did that my dislike of contemporary American cinema would cease with Gravity as I do not care for obsessive critics. I’m afraid I found it as vacuous as the gravity in space.

Its main feature according to the critics and viewers is the magnificence of the space photography. To this I say you can create anything digitally except a good story which this lacks. Sandra Bullock plays Dr Ryan Stone on her first mission whilst George Clooney is the seasoned astronaut Mike Kowalsky. The universe is a surprisingly small space as having lost the use if their own shuttle a space station is near at hand so they float off there. Its not always s easy to follow what Ryan is saving as she is in her spacesuit with helmet. To give authenticity but to make understanding still more difficult she uses technical language when speaking to Houston. Often she grunts coitically once rather hilariously as she is bobbing up and down arms waving as if she is straddling some man. . Kowalski disappears into space but no worries he reemreges as one does.

It ends up with Ryan getting safely back to earth and going through the whole gamut of emotion as Tom Hanks did in Captain Phillips . one wonders if the main character insists as part of her contract that she gets the opportunity to show case her acting.

As a critic I am firmly of the view that you should not always go to specific sessions catered for you. So I slipped into the Cineworld one afternoon. I had to sit through 20 minutes of trailers including the Secret Life of Walter Mitty which seemed eminently missable . Ben Stiller seemed to be running everywhere as Americans actors do when the point of the story is delusional and therefore contemplative.

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  1. Avatar photo The National Rust // November 24, 2013 at 2:11 am //

    I know Neil equates successful American actresses with know alls. Sandra Bullock on her first mission effortlessly operates the controls of a Chinese space craft and can defy gravity by keeping her hair in place . One NASA astronaut commented that the most remarkable thing was that any woman would let the tethering rope go and detach herself from George Clooney

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