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Yesterday afternoon I remarked casually to Polly that I had not received any emails since 7-30 am and wondered whether something was wrong. I was aware that friends of mine had received messages from me not of my authorship and that my account may have been hacked. Polly explained that the service provider has therefore decided to suspend my account and I needed to reset my password. This should have been a simple procedure. However when asked the maiden name of my late mother, my answer did not tally with their records. I was asked if she had other maiden names. I gave up. A second call elicited the solution that I should email identity info to an address they gave me. The problem here of course is that I had inactive email. We brought Grania into the loop who sent the email from photos that Polly took of identity documentation. I texted regular communicators that the email was not operational. At 7-15pm I was called from a call centre and given a new password and hey presto I was back in the cyber world. Throughout Polly the perfect p/a remained calm, positive and resourceful assuring me all would be sorted.

Since 7-30 46 Emails were sent awaiting reading of which only 6 were actually from friends and colleagues, the rest being various organisations I have used over the years.

alliss2Finally, a brief word of the Peter Alliss saga well covered already. It seems to me a generational thing. I find dear old Peter has a mellifluous voice, is knowledgeable on golf and when the camera roves find his observations on life and wildlife witty. The younger audience find him a fuddy daddy dinosaur.

However the point is that the BBC is a public service body and should embrace all varieties of viewer . I do not like Russell Brand but presumably the younger viewer does. I would not petition his removals though personally welcome it. Besides how long will the PC movement last? I am reminded of a funny cartoon in the satirical MAD magazine. A couple of wild motor bikers have two children who are quiet, academic and dutiful.

There is a conflict of values till their grandchildren reject their parents values and eagerly clamber on their grandparents motor bikes and lifestyle. Maybe just maybe the sensitivities of the sisterhood might become redundant and out of date and one day instead of promoting women’s football incessantly the BBC might own the rights to mainstream sport.

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