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Hove Dogs

It  was good to see Bob Tickler back. We met up at Hove to watch his dog. He ran in the first race and it was felt the shorter distance might suit him after a lay off for injury. It did not and he never featured. Bob ruefully observed that he “bought a pup” but he is not yet two and might improve yet. Bob seemed cheerful enough with his domestic problem with his cleaner resolved. ‘Forty years in business has taught me that when a personnel row gets personal, empower the financial director to sort it and my accountant did”.  He was with his Godson and when he handed him a tenner to bet he advised him “if you keep that in your back pocket and buy sweets I really won’t mind as gambling is a  mug’s game”. I can attest to this as I backed Bob’s dog heavily and had to make up the ground thereafter. Three wins did more or less recover my losses but it was tough going. Bob’s godson’s mother was the most successful, reading the form intelligently.

It’s always a enjoyable night. A few get raucous with too much alcohol but generally it’s a family night out. The waitress was especially friendly and helpful. Bob said that after the forbidding Cornishman it was pleasure to be back in Sussex where everyone was so open and friendly. Open and  friendly we might be but eccentric too. My missus Penny was taking a stroll when she was confronted by the naked bicycle ride. She said she had never so many willies and breasts in her life, one male cyclist had his balanced on the handlebars. Welcome to bonkers Brighton.

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Ivan Conway will be reporting on Sussex sport. He is a member of the 1901 club at Brighton HAFC, Sussex County Cricket Club and an enthusiastic horse race goer. After selling his freight forwarding and conference business he settled in Hove. His other interests are bird watching, brass rubbing and bridge. More Posts