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I belong to the generation that went from no knowledge to Word for Windows overnight and, like many a writer on the Rust, confused by it all. I accept that my p/a Polly can dance over the keyboard effortlessly producing documents, images etc. but when my six year old Godson can work the handset on the telly better then me, I do realise the extent of my ignorance.

I  never really liked my Samsung laptop. It has the most irritating trait of the screen disappearing for no apparent reason. Over the last few months I have been reminded by an organisation called Kipinsky that I need to update some software. Mr Kipinsky appears as a pop-up like an unwelcome relative at a family celebration. It was slow and to my inexperienced eye on its last legs.

I  duly made enquiries for replacement and I trusted an old school friend who is that contradiction in terms, an Internet entrepreneur who has consistently made money, and my local IT man who once worked for Ericsson. Both recommended the Apple MacBook retina. This was roughly seven times the price of a basic laptop and my initial reaction was to buy another cheap one and run it into the ground. I was persuaded that the MacBook had durability and – I think this is the right word – would ‘sync’ with my iPad and iphone.

I duly presented myself at my local Apple Store and was greeted by a young man who appeared to have a large sock on his head by name Richard. He asked me my name and immediately addressed me somewhat impertinently, in my view, as Robert … I was tempted to say “Mr Tickler  to you, sonny’. There was no counter and everything he did was on a portable machine.  As I knew exactly the model I wanted the sale was swiftly concluded and I went on my way.

GarryAfter my afternoon siesta I decided to take on the task of installing it. I had some difficulty in freeing it from the cellophane packaging but got there in the end and proceed as instructed by the Voice to follow the set up.

Are any readers old enough to recall the terrifying sci-if series of the sixties: Garry Halliday featuring the Voice?  The Voice, sinister in its commands, never appeared until the end and the character, a bald man, resembled the broadcaster Richard Dimbleby which caused me some fear in my youth. This Voice was no less odd in its timbre. I got to file encryption and then nothing happened for a good 15 minutes I imagined, though it was never explained that this was downloading the data from my mobile and iPad.

I can’t honestly say at first blush it seems seven times better than the basic laptop and wonder how much I am paying for a cool brand; nonetheless I’m up and running and feel rather proud of myself.

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