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Interesting times

We can all remember times when it seemed the world was just coasting along with nothing much happening – and there are periods like now (let me suggest that this one began about a decade ago) in which a metaphorical “Chaos” button somewhere on high has been pressed and all hell broken loose.

I could list here – starting the madness of both President Trump, and of his dear country in voting him into office and tens of other examples or instances – but won’t. Let’s just state for the record that nothing could surprise most of us anymore. Some might add it would all so hilarious if it wasn’t quite so serious. Others might just be wishing that any moment now they’re going to wake up and become relieved, not to say elated, to discover that it was all a dream (nightmare?) and everything in the real world was normal all along.

Today, however, for potential interest, I would simply invite Rusters to follow the links below to some items I spotted online in the media overnight which illustrate my point:-


Jeremy Corbyn reacts to the shocking development that seven – actually now eight – of his (traditional old-Labour/Blairite leaning) Labour MPs have quit – in essence because of him and where his leadership has taken the Party – as reported by Tom Peck, who is rapidly becoming one of my favourite political commentators because of his waspish insights and humour, upon the website of – THE INDEPENDENT


In an echo of the famous ‘vox pop’ reaction of I think it was a Bristol woman upon a reporter informing her that another UK General Election was being called (“What?!? Another one?”), yesterday a Honda worker leaving the Swindon factory yesterday by cycle, asked by a TV reporter for a view on the development, neatly encapsulated the viewpoint of a great swathe of the UK public with his pithy vent against all Brexiteers – see here – via a link to a piece on the incident [you may have to scroll down and ‘click’ on the video to play it] that appears upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL


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