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It’s all in the mind

A phenomenon of modern popular culture, and a media staple, are reports detailing the findings of cod-serious research projects that supposedly shed light upon developments in the way we see ourselves.

There’s a classic example available today, featured on the website of the Daily Mail, courtesy of the beauty product company L’Oreal, apparently demonstrating that 65 is now the age at which we feel most comfortable with our looks, see here – SELF-IMAGE RESULTS

My reaction?

Frankly, there isn’t a person alive who thinks they look better than they did once they pass the age of 50.

The truth is that those of us beyond the first flush of youth are on a journey whereby we gradually become less hung up about our looks. This has nothing to do with not caring anymore, or in some way ‘giving up’. It’s more about having to come to terms with how we look and realising that there are may actually be more important things in life.

Possibly …

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