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It’s the same old song

I was walking along the seafront at Brighton yesterday. At the point by the pier where normally street theatre types are to be found I saw a curious collection of straggly bearded scruffs whom I assumed to be geography teachers attending a druid convention. I discovered they’re old new Labour attending their conference.

Their vision is a kinder society. I wonder if any have read Paul Gambaccini’s account of being arrested and prosecuted under Operation Yewtree. The DPP behind this Kier Stamner sits proudly on the Labour Front bench. Gambaccini supported Labour, Amnesty International and Stonewall but none of them wanted to know let alone help.  Instead it was that wicked organ of the right the Daily Mail that campaigned against this outrage just as they led the way to have a Stephen Lawrence inquiry.

Why am I not surprised? Jeremy Corbyn took a motor  cycle holiday in East Germany. Not only was this the oppressive regime of the Stasi but its capitalist free neighbour West Germany outstripped it economically. Jeremy Corbyn is a current media darling , not least in the BBC, so you have to delve more deeply to find his economic policies do not stack up.

As Mrs Thatcher said:

“The problem with socialism is eventually they run out of spending other people’s money.”

Or as my dear mother used to like to rewrite the words of The International:

“The working class can lick my arse
I’ve got the foreman’s job at last” ..

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