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Ivan again

It’s becoming the Ivan Conway show as yet again I’m posting. Hopefully the readers will bear with me. This time its more about Matt Prior and cycling. I saw Matt at the Players Club at Arundel  and later at at Luke Wright’s Dinner at the Old Forge Storrington.

Matt was with Rebecca, who runs the operations one pro cycling, and another man whose names didn’t catch who makes bikes. He is focussed on the pro cycling venture and he feels based on the rapport he learned with the Barmy Army he can connect with a nascent group of cycling enthusiasts. In effect he is importing one set of marketing skills from cricket into cycling. Cycling is a sport I follow and I was soon swept up by his enthusiasm. Hanging up your sporting boots is never easy. The casualty list is as long as it’s distinguished. So Matt is to be admired for his new venture. He will still be an Ambassador for Sussex. It was Luke Wright’s show so though he was there  he did not take it over. Luke is an engaging man who also has done well career-wise in the 20/20 internationally. Today he will have to apply himself as Sussex must stay all day at the crease to achieve a draw against Durham.

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