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Jol must go

Alan Tanner delivers his damning judgment

What do I find the worst thing about our form? Not that we have 32 points all year, lost our 6 last games, have to endure Jol’s self serving post match interviews, of our last 10 home games, we have lost 8 of them, that we play a game without creating a chance, our performances are gutless and we are heading for relegation.

imageNo, a good friend of mine Mary has a child, an adorable little chap now aged 5 called Jamie to whom I am most attached.

Naturally I wanted him to be a Fulham fan. Every Friday he goes to football training in his Fulham kit I bought him and lately he has been returning home distressed as the other kids tease him as they say to him Fulham are useless. This was a penance which I suffered from 1968 to 1996. I really hoped that Jamie would support a team of which he could be justly proud.

I recall being at Fulham Town Hall when Keegan, Wilkins, and Alan Smith were presented to us after Micky Adams was sacked.

The biggest cheer of the night went to Alan when he said that he told his youth charges you should be proud of this shirt as it was worn by Johnny Haynes. Incidentally, the maestro once chatted up Maryl. She said to Jamie too ” Don’t let those kids upset you, you should be proud to wear that shirt and to support Fulham and its Uncle Alan’s  team.” If only half our team had such pride instilled in them. They are probably onto their agent to get a move except they aren’t worth anything except Kaka and Kasami.

So for little Jamie and to quote a famous Commons remark , I say to Jol ” Go in the name of God. You have squandered your inheritance, we have had enough of all your lame excuses and criticisms of us fans, now go. “

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