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Life after cricket

Albert Trott famously hit the ball over the Lords pavilion for 6. His last shot was to his own head with a service revolver. Cricketers  perhaps more than any other sportsmen are afflicted by mental issues. One of the reasons for this is the uncertainty once their  career is finished. There are not that many options. Some, like Richard Montgomerie of Sussex  at Eton, find coaching work at school but here are not enough schools to go around. The media is another option but increasingly this is for the big names not the county journeymen.

I therefore  congratulate Matt Prior for his One Pro Cycling initiative. The marketing appeal is that the members  become supporters of the cycling team. The child members can receive coaching on bike riding as well as greater proximity to the riders. I duly enrolled myself, another cycling enthusiast and my two godchildren as members. We will receive a staring pack and an invitation to the next race. Matt Prior has sensibly recruited a professional back room team as well as of course riders.

I know Ivan Conway has questioned this career shift. He is not the first: Mick Channon and now MIchael Owen shifted from soccer to horse racing and certainly the former did well. So I congraulate Matt Prior on his courage and initiative after his career ended.


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