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Living is bad for your health

Arthur Nelson enjoys killing another million brain cells

I am happy to confess (truthfully) to being a modest imbiber of alcohol. For the most part, I can take it or leave it. That said, last night I went out for a pub drink, via an introduction by a mutual acquaintance, with a chap who has written a book on a subject that combines WW1 and sport.

During the course of a rewarding and positive evening, I happened to drink two pints of Pullman’s beer to what I naturally assumed was little personal effect, well beyond perhaps a welcoming degree of loosening of the tongue and added relaxation.

Today, however, I came across a report on the website of the Daily Mail, giving details of research done into the ‘memory loss’ effect upon middle-aged men of drinking – for example – er … two pints of beer a day.

On one level, it’s a typical example of the sort of scare story that is a staple of the British media, no doubt – as likely as not – soon to be directly contradicted by another piece of newly-published research.

On another, it leaves me undecided as to whether, in response, I should now make extra efforts to exclude alcohol from my diet – or, alternatively, simply adopt the attitude ‘Who cares?’ and carry on as I have for the past twenty years.

We’ve all got to peg-out at some point and surely the adage ‘a little bit of what you fancy does you good’ applies. Life has to be for the living, not worrying about.

Anyway, I invite National Rust readers to judge for themselves here – DAILY MAIL

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