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Anyone who’s reached the age of twelve or thirteen is capable of appreciating that human relationships – opposite sex or same-sex – are infinitely complex. They can be subtle – or decidedly unsubtle. I’m talking about all relationships here, not merely about potentially sexual ones, important though they be.

Relating to others is a huge part of the human existence. There are techniques to learn or acquire, on top of the ones we are programmed with genetically and instinctively. Plus, of course, some people are naturally better at ‘human communication’ than others. Some are better at ‘acting’ or adopting stances or personas than others in order to achieve what they desire. Some are superior at ‘reading’ others. There is no limit to what each of us can achieve – but also plenty of people who, by choice or accident, are very limited indeed.

Here’s an article worth a read by Professor Gary Lewandowski that appears today on the website of THE INDEPENDENT

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