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Manchester United 1 Liverpool 1

Watching this game last night I was struck how far in terms of team building both sides are from being a trophy winning team. Liverpool were the better team over two legs and deservedly went through. However they do not look capable of beating Jurgen Klopp’s old team Borussia Dortmined nor Seville who have won the Europa League these past two seasons.

Liverpool have some fine players notably Coutinho, Cam and Sakho. Their English players chiefly bought from Southampton – Clyne, Lallana, – and Sturridge do not look the real deal. Their keeper Mignoret and full back Moreno do not look reliable enough and only Firmino up front is scoring consistently. Jurgen Klopp has a big rebuilding job on his hands and will top rank players want to come to a non Champions League side?

Manchester United’s position is even more dire. de Gaulle used to say “Apres moi la deluge ” to be returned as President. After Matt Busby a barren period of 23 years followed and will Manchester United post Ferguson do likewise? There is too a vocal group of ex-legends all too ready to criticise notably Paul Scholes. United have the same problem of team building as Liverpool. They have been unlucky with injuries notably Rooney and Jones and are building on the right and traditional United lines of youth but they too seem a long way short of trophies even Champions League class.

It may well take many years for their fortunes to be restored and neither owners nor fans are that patient. Expectation will be high, the resources to fulfil them less so.


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