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Meeting an old friend

Yesterday I invited my tutor at St Pauls for lunch at English’s in the Lanes in Brighton. In the open air on the terrace at my favourite table (92) there are few better places to eat. The old school has been rocked by scandal. This is not strictly true, as most of the scandals emanate from the prep school Colet Court. Like  many, I  joined the school from a different prep school.  Many of the accused are now dead and cannot defend themselves. Reading the various articles, there was one reference in each of them: it was the school of George Osborne, though the lawyers insist that the rider he was not involved. Whilst I was at the school at the time of these scandals neither I nor anyone I knew had any knowledge, let alone implication, in them. I was however petrified by the deputy headmaster who was an interrogator in military intelligence during the war and never lost his touch.

After a gossipy lunch well fuelled by Prosecco and Sancerre we parted company on the promenade and I took the Volks train, the oldest electric railway in the world back to my residence.

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