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Memory lost

In the week I was invited to Scotland Yard for a lunch and  briefing by Assistant Commisioner Mark Rowley. As it was confidential I cannto share the contents with you as Tickler would be clapped in irons and taken  to the Tower . The Commissoner had 8 points to make and with my failing memory I jotted down  the first three  in my pocket book. The host on our table politely requested me to desist. Afterwards,  fearing I had embarrassed him, I explained that given my age and lack of memory I  had more chance of remembering the points by writing them down. . “Ah” my host said “you may well have Craft’s disease.”

I come from a  medical family but I had to confess not knowing this disease causing malfunction of the memory

” Craft disease. Don’t know that one.”

” Can’t remember an effing thing.”

I obviously have it in chronic from as walking through St James Park to meet Alice at the Pall Mall Gallery  I could not recall  one of the further 5 points beyond those written down.


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