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On my return from Cornwall I received a letter from the Single Discount Review Team of my local council querying my single occupation. I will admit to the odd staying guest but as far as I was aware the only two occupants were and are myself and my cat. I put this in the Polly Pile for her to deal with. Unfortunately Polly trod on a gas heater, burned the sole of her foot and is immobile. So yesterday I tried to address the problem alone.  Needless to say it had to be dealt with through their website. I was given a reference, password and duly tried to log onto this  site. I was stumped by “postcode of the letter” – inserting mine which was odd as I had to put it the same information for property postcode and was rejected. I searched for phone number and found one under special needs. I was not certain I was in this category but felt confident I would not be turned away. After  hanging on for 10 minutes I spoke to a helpful lady with a deep Lancastrian accent. When I pointed out that correspondence still comes addressed to a previous occupant, who I believe was being chased by creditors, all was explained and she was satisfied as to my status.

And now a word on post-Brexit Britain. No longer can the voter say I voted for and elected X party but they have got it wrong. Those 51% that voted to Leave are directly answerable for the meltdown in the markets, the run on the pound, the political crisis of leadership and, most worryingly of all, the outbreak of racist hate. The old farts that voted for Leave have not just bequeathed a mess for the next generation to sort out but lost a significant amount in their properties, pensions, and share portfolios immediately. And do you know what? I have no sympathy for them whatsoever.

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