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Yesterday I was involved in moving from one of my residences to another. I organised the removal team with military precision but inevitably things happen and frustratingly cannot be found on arrival. My removal chaps were immensely helpful and it made me think what a broad based job they have. They have to do the basic of lift and load but be resourceful in packing, and getting large objects out of a room.

My cat Cassius made it abundantly clear that carriage to his new home was something he objected to strongly. Much to everyone’s amusement he first Houdini-style got out of his basket and when it was thoroughly secured with belts and string, trying to get a pair of scissors into the interior to cut himself free. He spent the whole journey indicating his displeasure by miaouwing loudly and hyperventilating.



As a security expert getting out of my basket was a simple operation. You think I might have been informed where I’m going. But as the master is writing away, I’m happily ensconced in a comfy chair overlooking boats and the sea. I think I will settle down well here. I intend to join the local bowls club and might even run for the council.

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