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My last day’s shopping

Yesterday was our last full day and I decided to make mine my customary shopping visit to the high end menswear shop Bexley in the centre of Nice.

I cannot find any equivalent to Bexley in the UK as its range covers shoes, suits, jackets, shirts and leisure wear.

I especially like their short-sleeved cotton shirts.

In England there are stores and increasingly the internet, but I like to peruse.

The assistant was helpful but unobtrusive.

It reminded me of a true story of a Rust colleague who decided to buy a Porsche.

He marched into the showroom so to do and the salesman felt almost emasculated as he had no role to perform in the transaction.

At Bexley I indicated my size and was shown the range of  shirts and made my selection.

I also like their summer moccasins.

At the top end shoe brands like Tods can cost £800 but with probably a huge mark-up.

Also their loafers shoes are fashioned more for the Italian climate and not our rainier one.

Here I could buy two durable pairs for £150.

Bexleys do not appear to specialise in a particular age group.

The other shoppers there were between 40-55 and like me wanted to do a general shop for summer clothes.

The French tend to dress more elegantly than the British and this is not surprising with shops like Bexleys.

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